Friday, June 18, 2021
About Us

Agrinetix is an established agricultural company with a history of producing high-yield results.

Company Desciption: 

The ANX team of engineers, programmers, and consultants will help you choose the next step of innovation to move your operation forward.  We sell, install, service and support most precision ag technologies for row, vegetable, and permanent crops, allowing us to bring you the best solutions.



Agrinetix’s mission is to champion farming while acting as a science and technology innovator with a focus on profitability for our customers, employees, and owners. We bring some of the best minds in the industry together to provide reliable service and support for agribusinesses throughout the food value chain.


All of our years working in the growing industry have taught us the intricacies involved in running a farm business: from inconsistent growing seasons to EPA regulations. ANX’s goal is to use advanced agronomy to help farms of all sizes thrive and maxi
mize earning potential.

The combined expertise of our various specialists allows us to create advanced agronomy solutions to give the grower better control over every part of a farm's operation: from NDVI-based variable rate nitrogen application to instant cab-to-office data transfer.


Agrinetix will be the partner of choice for enhanced market penetration for input suppliers and agricultural consultants by advancing their technological and marketing capabilities.  Agrinetix will achieve this when the industry views them as the most innovative and effective provider of farm technology and expertise.