Thursday, July 29, 2021

GPS guidance and auto-steer technology are many producers starting points when they enter the world of Advanced Agronomy. Agrinetix offers the technological support to ensure that these products incorporate seamlessly within the farm's existing operation and are easy to use.

  • Decrease Overlap
  • Reduce driver fatigue
  • Improve zone tillage accuracy
  • Increase yields
  • Improve fuel efficiency

Soil Sampling: Grid and EC zone soil sampling are two ways to sub-sample fields to better capture soil variability. Our agronomists evaluate each year's soil lab results, focusing on how to balance nutrients and optimize yield. Whenever possible our technicians utilize the Falcon Automated Soil Sampler, which allows a high volume of samples to be taken systematically and with consistent core depth.

Nutrient Prescriptions: Our agronomists create variable rate nutrient prescriptions based on crop and soil fertility requirements, soil lab analysis interpretation, and years of consulting experience. 

Variable Rate Seed Prescriptions: Our variable rate seed prescriptions take into account historic yields, lab sample analyses, accessible equipment, and the farmer's own experience.

Customized Fertility Plan (CFP): When working with growers on their Customized Fertility Plan, our priorities are yield optimization and improved resource allocation across the entire farm. A CFP includes overview maps, field maps, a crop rotation plan, custom application blends, nutrient recommendations, and as-needed access to an experienced agronomist throughout the year.  A grower's plan is personalized to their goals and resources.

  • Balance nutrients
  • Build towards long term soil health
  • Optimize yield
  • Improve resource allocation
    Nitrogen management technology is one of the most essential and cost effective components of advanced agronomy. Variable rate control allows the grower to tailor nitrogen application specifically to crop needs during the growing season. Advanced liquid nitrogen applicators apply the right amount of solution precisely when and where you need it: 

    The Trimble GreenSeeker® nitrogen application system addresses in-field variability by sensing crop nitrogen deficiency with infrared sensors on-the-go and adjusting application rates based on real-time plant needs.

    The 360 Y-Drop™ attachment from 360 Yield Center places any liquid fertilizer, insecticide,
    Benefits: or fungicide 2”-3” alongside of plant rows to optimize accessibility to plant roots. 360 Y-Drop™ is engineered for late-season application to meet plant needs throughout all stages of growth, in order to capture maximize yield potential.
    • Reduce over application cost
    • Decrease under application yield loss
    • Increase yields by adjusting for nitrogen deficiencies

    Enhanced application control allows for better management of crop inputs. Automatic section control reduces overlaps and skips while speed compensated control contributes to more accurate applications. These products can pay for themselves in one growing season by reducing dollars spent on herbicide and fertilizer and increasing dollars earned through improved yields.


    360 UnderCOVER™
    from 360 Yield Center is an attachment that allows the grower to deliver inner-canopy 
    coverage for foliar applications. The high clearance design enables management of late-season disease and pest infestations.

    • Avoid crop overlap injury
    • Avoid yield loss from skips
    • Increase application accuracy
    • Improve yields
    • Reduce input costs
    • Increase product efficacy by better controlling delivery

    Our superior planting management uses up to RTK level accuracy and variable rate control to improve seed placement throughout management zones. Hardware includes population monitors, row clutches, precision meters, and control systems.  Pairing this hardware with the ANX Planting Lab gives growers an accurate planting summary, broken down both by field and by variety, as well as maps of singulation, downforce, and ground contact in order to pinpoint areas for planter improvements.

    • ROI on seed saving clutch investments 
    • Increase yields with VRT seeding
    • Save on fertilizer and increase yields with VRT starter
    • Manage data more conveniently

    Hardware components of our yield monitoring system include a mass flow sensor, moisture sensor, and GPS screen.

    One of our most important services, the ANX Yield Lab, is an essential tool for farms of any size. Our GIS experts take raw yield data and normalize it across the entire farm for easy field-to-field comparison.  Yield Lab defines and verifies field management zones, allowing for efficient distribution of inputs.  

    • Collect yield data from the crop as it's being harvested
    • Record accurate yield at georeferenced points within the field
    • Visualize specific areas of high or low yield
    • Measure variety performance
    • Create management zones and custom prescriptions for sub-field management
    • Maximize profits through tailoring inputs
    • Detect equipment downtime

    Manure management gives producers the power to accurately define application boundaries and lower the risk of environmental contamination. Manure management involves application mapping, rate tracking, auto shut off and variable rate manure. This service is a must for all concentrated animal feeding operations.

    • Increase nutrient efficiency
    • Keep automatic manure records
    • Avoid application mistakes
    • Save time and hassle on record keeping
    • Define field boundaries and “No Spread Zones”
    • Apply more VRT manure per field
    • Increase yields with VRT manure

    Using RTK levels of accuracy, ANX water management services provide a huge return on investment for drainage. The systems helps producers manage water systems themselves, saving time and money. Our professionally designed systems work better than standard systems, and use less tile. Elements of this service include tile plows and land scrapers, as well as drainage design and water management software.

    • Increase yield by decreasing water logged soil conditions
    • Minimize irrigation costs by making better use of rain water
    • Increase tonnage without the need to buy more land
    Using telematics, ANX transfers application and yield data, easily getting it into producers hands and/or sending it out to be analyzed by agricultural specialists. Telematics is essential for larger operations processing vast amounts of data. ANX telematics includes technical components, such as field modems, desktop software and smartphone software.

    • Monitor fleet operations 
    • Transfer coverage and guidance lines between vehicles in the same field
    • Transfer data in real time
    • Track individual vehicles
    • Track and monitor an entire fleet from your desktop