Friday, June 18, 2021

Agrinetix data management services close the loop between data collection and informed management recommendations year after year. Our team of information specialists provides support to farmers in everything from maintaining soil sample lab results in our secure digital server, to processing NDVI data for in-season crop assessment. Agrinetix facilitates the transfer of shape files and map files across the farm—between the cab, office computer and personal smart phones or tablets—to provide up-to-date information to the operations manager at all times.

With our advanced information management, producers can:

  • Evaluate and store previous year’s data
  • Effortlessly keep manure and pesticide records
  • Know exact costs and returns
  • Evaluate previous seasons
  • Plan for coming years
Using GIS software our specialists convert complex farm data into visual information that can be used to make more effective management decisions. Mapping establishes accurate acreage and field boundaries, contributes to overall farm organization, and serves as the basis for many Advanced Agronomy programs. Having digital maps makes this information accessible the moment it’s needed, at any location. Traditional paper maps and large wall maps are another way to consolidate data and make numbers more meaningful. 

Services include:
  • Field Mapping
  • EC Mapping
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Spatial Analyses
  • VR Prescriptions
  • Planter Data Visualization
  • NDVI Mapping
  • Yield Mapping
Agrinetix also offers three lab packages, which combine the expertise of our agronomists and GIS specialists. Each package contains agronomic reports and maps to be used by the grower and their consultant in order to optimize resources and improve yields.

Field Mapping     Electrical Conductivity Map

Unlike the individual maps that are generated by most yield mapping software, Agrinetix Yield Lab produces yield maps that are relevant across the entire farm.  Instead of just showing the yield in bushels per acre for each field, our GIS team processes yield data across all fields for a specific crop, then maps how each part of a field performs compared to the farm average.  For each field, Yield Lab shows both yield (bu/acre) and relative yield (% above or below the average), giving growers much more meaningful information.

Yield Map
NDVI Lab is a service specifically for growers that have upgraded their operation to collect NDVI and spray data at georeferenced locations.  There are three mapping components of NDVI Lab:  
1) NDVI: shows plant vigor and/or nitrogen deficiency
2) Target N application: shows the prescribed rate of N determined by the GreenSeeker® system
3) Deviation from target N application: shows the difference between target and actual applied rate

NDVI Map    Nitrogen Management Map    N Deviation Map
Planting Lab is a service offered to those growers that use an advanced GPS planting monitor.  Included are planting reports by field and by variety, and summary reports.  There are six mapping components of Planting Lab:
1) Singulation- shows the percentage of skips and multiples for the entire planter and each individual row
2) Ground Contact- shows contact with the ground to evaluate planting depth
3) Downforce- shows weight distribution across the planter to evaluate compaction
4) Downforce Margin- shows the difference between target and actual downforce
5) Variety- shows the distribution of different varieties
5) Seed Rate- shows the actual seed rate per acre at each point in the field

Downforce map   Seeding Population Map
Agrinetix Field and Crops™

Simplify the farm operations and organize information with our effortless data management.  ANX Field and Crops software™ helps producers better manage variations within the field that affect productivity. The software provides easy accessibility to records and quick list generation needed for seeding, spraying, treating, spreading, and sampling.

Our Field and Crops™ software generated reports and lists include:
  • Work lists to identify fields to sample
  • Fertility management and recommendations
  • Accurate spray treatment lists
  • Manure work order lists
  • Field compliance risk report lists
  • Projected net fertility change
  • ANX Fields and Crops™ software comes with free, one-on-one remote IT support, on an as needed basis

Trimble Farm Works™ Information Management 

Farm Works™ Mapping is the industry’s leading desktop software that uses information gathered during the growing season to help you make smarter management decisions. Data can be imported from most precision farming displays or entered manually.

Farm Workssoftware enables the user to:
  • Manage fields, equipment, supplies, and personnel 
  • Enter crop plans for product ordering, budgeting, equipment usage, and employee allocation
  • Maintain detailed equipment records
  • Print a variety of maps and field record reports
  • Create, edit, and manage guidance lines
  • Submit data electronically for crop insurance reporting
  • Analyze profit maps to verify which parts of the fields are more profitable

360 Yield Center Commander™ 

360 Commanderis an agronomic decision-making tool using real-time decision making to help maximize your yield.

Yield Solver runs every possible combination of environment, seed, nitrogen, and irrigation rates to create:
  • Variable seed prescriptions based off yield management zones
  • Variable nitrogen prescriptions based off yield management zones
  • Variable rate and scheduling plans for both sub-drip and pivot